All About Me.

All about me. (And all those who make a regular appearance on the blog!)

Me & @Mralexward
Where do I start?

19, Finance and Business Student at Portsmouth University. I split my time between university and home where I work in a kitchen at a local attraction at every other available moment. Spend my life surrounded by madness in the joint-houses I share with 10 other perfectly mad students. (Organizing a group outing is nothing short of a miracle!) Bake excessively when stressed but always have time to try new recipes. Struggle with stress but slowly learning to conquer it.

Me & the other half.

The long suffering boyfriend who seems to spend half of his life on trains travelling the god knows how far between the two of us. Patient, impossible to argue with, and understands that I will do spontaneous things that aren't really the best plan in the world. But goes along with it anyway. Definitely needed to stop me from self combusting due to stress.

The Flatmates
The maddest, most diverse group of students you could ever come across. 11 of us from different backgrounds, beliefs and opinions. You couldn't have a selection of students that are so different manage to live together and  although we sometimes argue, we always land up making up. Much like one big family. University just wouldn't be the same without them.

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  1. OOOhhhhh this is the best times of my life! University friends are still my friends till now. They are precious to me! Learned so much from school but learned mroe from my friends and the people who I met along the way =) #pocolo

  2. What a great little blog you have here :) I wish I had documented anything of my life when I was at uni as I have the worst memory ever!! Of course we didn't have the social media and technology we have now! I bought my first ever brick mobile phone as a finalist!! xx #PoCoLo

  3. Girl, this blog is so sweet. I love the community you have here!